Pay-as-you-go frequently asked questions

Q. How do I check my credit and data balance?
A. You can check your credit and data balance online through your online Pay-as-you go account. To register simply click here.

For credit balance only you can also dial 123 from your Airtel-Vodafone handset and select option 1 or dial *123# and an instant balance message will appear.

Q. How do I add a voice, text or data bolt-on to my account?
A. Simply dial 123 from your Airtel-Vodafone handset, and press 4 to listen to the range of options available.

Q. How do I add free calls and texts to friends and family?
A. Call and text family and friends for free on the Airtel-Vodafone network by simply dialing 123 and selecting option 5.

Q. How do I transfer some of my credit to a friend on the Airtel-Vodafone network?
A. You can help out a friend who is also on our network by transferring some of your credit to them for a flat fee of 20p. Simply dial 123 from your Airtel-Vodafone handset and select option 6.

Q. How do I top-up?

A. You can top-up online here. You can top-up using a top-up card or through Payzones at most convenience stores. You can dial 121 from any Airtel-Vodafone handset and top up with our call centre or visit our store on the high street. 

Q. How do I access my voicemail?

A. We have already activated your voicemail so that you won't miss a call. To personalise your voicemail message, listen to messages and access advanced services, simply dial 191 from your handset*.

*Standard local call rates charged per minute for accsessing your voicemail. 

Q. How many characters are in a standard text message?

A. 160 characters

Still not found the answer to your query? Contact us, we are here to help.