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EU Data Roaming Cap (Jersey)


In July 2018 we launched 4G data roaming in the EU including Isle of Man, which means you’ll be able to connect even quicker to the things that matter most to you. Our EU data rate is the most competitive in the Channel Islands at only 17.85p per MB, but at the same time we want to make sure that you don’t receive an unexpected bill when you return home.

Our data roaming cap is an opt-in service which allows you to keep an eye on the data you use while roaming in the EU including Isle of Man.

The cap allows up to 300 MB of data roaming usage in the EU and Isle of Man, which is approximately £50 per month. Once you’ve reached this cap your data roaming access stops immediately. You will receive an SMS notification once your limit has been reached.

When you reach the limit, data roaming will be barred and this will automatically reset on the 20th of each month.

If you wish to be unbarred, and carry on using data whilst roaming in the EU and Isle of Man, please call our call centre, email us at or apply for a new data roaming cap via our website.

How to opt in for the EU/Isle of Man data roaming cap

The cap is available free of charge to our pay monthly mobile customers. Simply fill out the form below, and the cap will be applied within 2 working days, assuming all details are verified correctly. We will notify you if there are any mismatches identified.

Please note you can opt out at any time by calling us on 121 or emailing

Prices include GST.