Airtel-Vodafone Protect

FREE Online filtering service

As a responsible mobile phone provider, all illegal websites as defined by the Internet Watch Foundation are blocked on our network

In 2014, we launched Airtel-Vodafone Protect with the aim of giving greater parental choice as to what children can access online via their mobiles. This is a free, opt in service which is now available for all of our contract customers.

The service works by creating a security gateway where every web page is checked. If deemed unsuitable, an access denied message will appear. Airtel-Vodafone Protect will block sites with adult content as defined by the 'gatekeepers' Cisco Reputation Servers.

To opt into this service, simply call 121 or pop in store and ask about Airtel-Vodafone Protect.

For top tips and advice for about internet safety, visit the Vodafone Digital Parenting guide