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SIM support

I see "enter PUK number" on my mobile phone, what should I do?

A "PUK" code is requested when you have attempted to enter your pin code unsuccessfully three times. You will need a PUK code to unlock your mobile phone. Please call 07829 700121 (Jersey) or 07839 700121 (Guernsey) and speak to any of our call centre executives who will be able to help.

What are the charges to replace the SIM card?

For replacement of a damaged SIM card, you would need to pay a nominal amount as a one time replacement charge.

What should I do when I see the words "SIM Card Rejected" or "Blocked Card" or "Check Operator Services"?

  • a) Check that your SIM card is correctly inserted into your phone.
  • b) Switch the phone off and on. If the same message appears, try your SIM card in a different phone.
  • c) If the message appears again on a different phone you will need to replace the SIM card.
  • d) To get a replacement SIM card, the registered customer must apply personally at our Airtel-Vodafone stores or any of our Airtel-Vodafone dealers.

Why is my SIM card blocked?

A SIM card becomes permanently blocked after ten unsuccessful attempts to unlock due to incorrect PUK number entered. If this happens your SIM card will be unusable and a new SIM card will be required.

Where can I use my Airtel-Vodafone SIM card?

To get a better picture of the extent of Airtel-Vodafone’s coverage in Jersey and Guernsey, click here. For coverage outside of the Channel Islands, please see the roaming page by clicking here

Forgot your pin? 

If you have forgotten your mobile access PIN and enter it incorrectly 3 times, you will be asked to enter the phone's PUK code. Please call 07829 700121 (Jersey) or 07839 700121 (Guernsey) and speak to any of our call centre executives who will be able to help.

Replacement SIM card

Please visit our Jersey or Guernsey store with your password or photo ID if you need a new Pay Monthly SIM. For a new Pay-as-you-go or Pay Monthly SIM. We will go through some security questions with you to identify your number.  Replacement SIM cards cost £5.