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Make the most of my bill

With effect from May 2019 our bill format changed to make it easier for you to read.  

In addition, the billing guide below gives you detailed information explaining each aspect of the bill.

General Billing Information

  • Billing Cycle: Our billing cycle runs from the 20th of the month, to the 19th of the next. For example, from the 20th of April to the 19th of May.
  • Line Rental: Line rental is charged 1 month in advance (e.g. 20th of April to the 19th of May)
  • Pro rata:
    • Pro Rata Line Rental: Line rental is prorated if not active for a complete billing period (20th till the 19th), therefore should you opt in for a tariff or product during a given billing cycle – you will be charged from the date of activation to the end of the billing period. Please consider if the tariff or product you opted for is still active for the opening of the new billing cycle – you will also be charged for a month in advance. See below for an e.g. on prorated line rental.
    • Pro Rata Usage: All usage is prorated. Therefore, should your bundled allowance not be active for the entirety of a billing cycle – you will only be entitled for the number of days your bill plan or product was active for. See below for an e.g. on prorated usage.
  • Usage Period: Usage information & charges will appear for the period of the billing cycle which has previously closed. For e.g. from the 20th of March to the 19th of April.

Pro-rata line rental & usage example

*You have opted for the Power Plan 500 tariff which was activated on the 13th of May. The Power Plan 500 tariff includes 500 minutes , 5000 SMS & 5GB of local data during a complete billing period. You were therefore charged line rental from the 13th of May to the 19th of May a total of (£4.20). This is calculated by dividing the standard monthly line rental for this tariff (£18) by 30 & then multiplying by 7, which is the number of days this plan was active for during this billing cycle. The bundled minutes, texts & data is also prorated using the same calculation.

Your Bill Layout

  1. Here will display your customer details:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Registered email address (if applicable)​​
  2. Here will display the following details:
    • Account number: This is your billable account number. Please keep this handy.
    • Bill number: This is your invoice number.
    • Bill date: Date of bill generation.
    • Bill Period: Billing cycle dates.  
    • Pay by date: Date by which your account must be settled should you wish not to be submitted for direct debit.
  3. Your account summary:
    • Previous balance: The amount of your previous balance.
    • Payments: Payment made during the last billing cycle.
    • Adjustments: Any adjustments during the last billing cycle.
    • This month’s charges: The amount accrued for the current invoice.
    • Amount due by: This is the final balance due for the current invoice.
  4. This month’s charges:
    • Monthly rentals: The total amount of charges incurred for line rentals.
    • Usage: The total monetary value of your monthly usage.
    • One-time charges: Any One-time charges during the billing cycle.
    • Discounts: Total discounts applied.
    • Taxes: Total tax eligible to pay.
    • Total: Total charges accrued for the billing period after discount.

​Your Summary of this Month's Charges


  1. Summary of this month’s charges: This section provides you with a summary of charges per individual mobile number active on your account, such as:
    • Account no: The individual account number associated with the mobile number. This is called the “child account number”.
    • Airtel number: The mobile number itself.
    • Monthly rentals: The total amount of line rental charged on each individual number.
    • Usage: The total monetary value of usage against each individual number.
    • One-time charges: Any One-time charges during the billing cycle.
    • Discount: Total discounts applied.
    • Taxes: Total tax eligible to pay against each number.
    • Total: Total charges accrued for the billing period after discounts for each number.
  2. Breakup of account level charges: This section provides a breakup of any tariff’s or products which are active on your account (if applicable). Any tariff or product active on your billable account will be shared with all mobile numbers linked to the account.
  3. Tax details: This section is a total amount of tax chargeable on the account. Please note, this also includes any tax liable to pay against each individual mobile number linked to the account and you will not be over charged.
  4. Discounts:  Discounts will be applied against any usage made within your plan's monthly allowance. Any usage made outside of your monthly allowance will not be discounted and out of bundle charges will apply as per standard rates under the 'net charges' on your bill. For example if your monthly allowance includes 10GB of local data, the value of this data, once rated is £307.20 on a tariff where the rate is 3p per MB. Therefore if you have consumed 10GB or less, your discount againt local data will be up to the vaue of £307.20. This is an example only - please check allowances and rates on your specific bill plan for further information.    

Your Charges in Detail


  1. Your charges in detail: This section provides a monthly usage/charges summary against the individual mobile number:
    • Voice: Local + National / International calls
    • SMS charges: Local + National / International SMS
    • Mobile Internet Usage: Local Data Usage
    • Roaming Usage: Roaming incoming + Outgoing calls / SMS & data roaming (GPRS)
    • Number: Indicates total number of calls/SMS made. For local data the amount is displayed in total MB used. For data roaming indicates the total number of sessions during this period.
    • Total Usage (Pulse): The total in which you were billed for.
    • Usage Charges: The total monetary value of the usage within the period.
    • Net Charges: Charges, after discounts.
    • Total: The final billed amount against the mobile number.

If you need more information or have any questions regarding your current bill please contact our Customer Service Team on 121 for free from your Airtel-Vodafone phone or by email at

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If you have not received your monthly bill, please contact our team using the details above.

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