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Make the most of my bill

1. Your first bill

With Airtel-Vodafone your first bill is calculated “pro-rata”. This means that you will pay for the remainder of the billing month from the date you sign up, and also for the following month. You will always pay your bills one month in advance.

Our bill cycle dates are from the 20th of the month to the 19th of the next month.

So if you sign up for a £30 Power 1250 plan on the 30th of September your first bill will include charges for:

  • the 20 days remaining in your first billing period = £20
  • the next full billing period (20th October to 19th November) = £30

Therefore the total you pay on your first bill is £50.

Your free minutes, texts and data will be calculated in the same way:

A Power 1250 plan has 1250 minutes, 5000 texts and 15GB data so during your 20-day pro-rated period you will receive:

  • 833 free inclusive minutes
  • 3333 free inclusive texts
  • 10GB free data

Full inclusive minutes/texts/data shall be applicable only for a full bill cycle, in this case from your first full billing period commencing 20th October.

2. Your bill layout


2.1 This is your billing information section. If you ever have any issues with your bill, have these details to hand to allow the customer care team to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2.2 This is your account summary. It shows you how much you are due to pay, combining previous balances, payments, any adjustments, and how much you owe for the current bill period (which is shown in the billing information section above).

2.3 This is a breakdown of the charges for the current bill period. It shows you what elements have made up your total charges, broken down into usage, discounts, fees and taxes.

3. Summary of this month’s charges


3.1 The summary of charges section gives you a breakdown of the various charges for different services used in the current billing month. There will be a breakdown for every number or account you hold with Airtel-Vodafone. For example, above, Mr Bill has a two different numbers on his account.

The summary is made up of:

  • One time charges
    Includes charges such as Direct Debit rejection fees
  • Monthly handset charges
    Your bill plan rental
  • Call Charges
    The cost of all the calls you have made that billing month. This doesn’t show deductions
  • Value Added Services
    This includes SMS, Voicemail charges and Data usage (which is charged at 1p per mb - minimum).
  • Roaming
    Any charges incurred when you have used your device outside of the Channel Islands.
  • Discounts
    Discounts include savings from any plans you might be on (e.g. free calls, texts). 
  • Taxes
    Taxes are included where relevant, for example, GST (not applicable in Guernsey).
  • Total Charges
    This is the total amount which you are being charged for your service this billing month.

3.2 This is your current plan. You can see what minutes, texts and data are included in your plan, as well as our other available plan options here. 

3.3 This is a breakdown of all discounts. You will see that Mr Bill stayed within his contract bundle of 500minutes, 5000 texts, and 5GB data, so all usage has been discounted and he has only been charged for his plan rental.

If you need more information or have any questions regarding your current bill please contact our Customer Service Team on 121 for free from your Airtel-Vodafone phone or by email at

Don't forget you can also pay your bill online here.

If you have not received your monthly bill, please contact our team using the details above, and we will ensure that your current address is up to date on our systems. Alternatively you can register for our free eBilling service. Click here for information on how to register.