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Mobile Broadband (Jersey)


Online Anytime 

Airtel-Vodafone mobile data gives you the freedom to access the Internet on the move, wherever you are in the Channel Islands. 

Our Data SIMs can be inserted directly into any mobile, laptop or tablet device that have a built-in SIM card slot, or used with our portable Mi-Fi device shown below. 

You can be sure of the best deal with our Pay Monthly and Pay-as-you-go price plans that put you in control of the speed and volume of data you use and our mobile data products give you the flexibility to get online anytime.

Our Pay-as-you-go Data SIMs

Our Pay-as-you-go Data SIMs offer great data rates and are perfect for easy Internet access on the move. Our top-up plans ensure you stay in control of how much you spend, and our new online account area lets you keep track of your data balance anytime, anywhere. Why not register for your account here.

SIMs are available for FREE from our shop, or click here to order yours online and we will send you one in the post. Simply top-up to receive your data.


Data Allowance




90 days



90 days



90 days

* Initial free data allowance on Pay-as-you-go Data SIM is 10MB. If you top-up by any amount other than £5/£10/£20 you will not receive any data. Each new top-up removes any remaining data from the previous top-up.

Our Portable Data Products

All Vodafone branded data products are locked to Airtel-Vodafone or Vodafone networks only.

4G portable Wi-Fi router

Free on selected Pay Monthly plans or £51.45 on Pay-As-You-Go.

If you need to operate several wireless devices at the same time, then the portable Wi-Fi router is just what you need. Our portable Wi-Fi router turns the Airtel-Vodafone mobile network into a wireless hotspot just for you to use. Portable Wi-Fi is perfect for using iPads, iPods, PCs, music players and portable gaming devices on the go with great value prices through our Pay-as-you-go or Pay Monthly data plans.