Lost or stolen device

I have lost my mobile phone / had it stolen

Call our customer services helpline:

  • Jersey - +44 (0)7829 700121
  • Guernsey - +44 (0)7839 700121

Report your lost/stolen phone immediately to Airtel-Vodafone by calling 121 or emailing 121@airtel-vodafone.com. Barring will be implemented on the device as soon as your call, voice message or email is picked up by an Airtel-Vodafone representative. Once you have reported it lost / stolen, your mobile connection will be temporarily disconnected to prevent unauthorised calls.

If you are in Jersey or Guernsey, you can also report the loss at our Airtel-Vodafone stores.

Getting a replacement SIM card for my spare / new handset

Please visit our Jersey or Guernsey store with your password or photo ID if you need a new pay monthly SIM. For a new Pay-as-you-go SIM, please also visit one of stores, and we will go through some security questions with you to identify your number.

Replacement SIM cards will incur a charge of £5.

What if my mobile phone is found after I have reported it lost / stolen to Airtel-Vodafone?

To reconnect a mobile connection, the registered customer must visit one of our stores.

Click here for store locations.